Penn, Knight, Lloyd et al paper appears in PLoS ONE

The paper “Participatory development and analysis of a fuzzy cognitive map of the establishment of a bio-based economy in the Humber region“, co-authored by Alex Penn, Chris Knight, Dave Lloyd, Daniele Avitabile, Kasper Kok, Frank Schilder, Amy Woodward, Angela Druckman, and Lauren Basson, has appeared in PLoS ONE.  The paper emerged from the ERIE Project and is joint between Sociology, Centre for Environmental Strategy, Mathematics, at Surrey, and Wageningen UR in the Netherlands. The paper reports on the use of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) as a tool for participatory modelling.  The theory was successfully applied to meetings involving the Humber Environmental Managers group, NGOs and other stakeholders to develop a strategy for shifting the Humber economic environment to a bio-based economy.  The paper can be found here.