Turner, Bridges & Alemi Ardakani paper appears in PoF

A paper by Matt Turner, Tom Bridges and Hamid Alemi Ardakani titledĀ “Dynamic coupling in Cooker’s sloshing experiment with baffles” has appeared in Physics of Fluids. In the paper the authors demonstrate that higher order resonances can occur in a simple coupled fluid-vessel sloshing set-up if impermeable baffles are inserted to split the vessel into multiple compartments. Under the right conditions the coupled system can exhibit an (n+1)-fold 1:…:1 resonance, where n is the number of fluid compartments. Such a discovery has important consequences in the context of fluid transport, because close to these resonances energy can be transferred from the fluid motion to the vessel motion, and vice versa leading to complicated erratic motions. A link to the PoF website for the paper is here.