Anne Skeldon awarded a grant for workshop on circadian rhythms at Lorentz Center Netherlands

snelimpres_3Anne Skeldon has been awarded a grant by the Lorentz Center in Leiden, the Netherlands, to hold a meeting on Human Circadian Rhythms: developing a multi-oscillator framework.  The co-organizers of the meeting are Derk-Jan Dijk (Surrey Sleep Centre) and Daniel Forger (Michigan).  The workshop will run in July 2015 and will bring together an international group of researchers in both biology and mathematical/computational sciences.  The meeting will focus on discussing circadian rhythms and how they are orchestrated, from the genetic level where circadian rhythms can be seen in protein abundance as a result of translation/transcription feedback loops, to whole body rhythms such as the sleep/wake cycle. A link to the Lorentz Center is here.