Itsios-Sfetsos-Siampos-Torrielli paper on Yang-Baxter equations accepted to Nuclear Physics B

yang-baxterThe paper “The classical Yang-Baxter equation and the associated Yangian symmetry of gauged WZW-type theories“, co-authored by Georgios Itsios (Patras, former visiting PhD student at Surrey), Konstantinos Sfetsos (Athens, former Professor at Surrey), Konstantinos Siampos (Mons, Belgium), and Alessandro Torrielli has been accepted for publication in Nuclear Physics B. The paper was submitted to the journal on 9 September and accepted in 3 weeks!  In the paper, they construct the Lax-pair, the classical monodromy matrix and the corresponding solution of the Yang-Baxter equation, for a class of integrable gauged WZW-type theories interpolating between the WZW model and the non-Abelian T-dual of the principal chiral model for a simple group. They derive in full detail the Yangian algebra using two independent methods: by computing the algebra of the non-local charges and alternatively through an expansion of the Maillet brackets for the monodromy matrix. As a byproduct, they also provide a detailed general proof of the Serre relations for the Yangian symmetry.  The final form preprint can be found on the arXiv.