Fontanella-Torrielli paper on scattering and the Bethe ansatz to appear in JHEP

The paper “Massless AdS2 scattering and Bethe Ansatz“, co-authored by Andrea Fontanella and Alessandro Torrielli, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of High Energy Physics.  A link to the arXiv version is here.  The paper analyses the integrable scattering theory describing the massless excitations of AdS2 x S2 x T6 superstrings in the relativistic limit.  The theory produces a Bethe-ansatz condition by employing a transfer-matrix technique based on the so-called free-fermion condition.  The paper then generalises the method to the massless non-relativistic case, and compares the resulting Bethe-ansatz condition with a simple massless limit of the one conjectured by Sorokin, Tseytlin, Wulff and Zarembo.