Paper of Anne Skeldon and ERIE team published on the modelling of food waste recycling

The paper “Agent-based modelling to predict policy outcomes: A food waste recycling example“, co-authored by Anne Skeldon, Frank Schiller (Hanover, Germany), Aidong Yang (Engineering, Oxford), Tina Balke-Visser (Vanderlande, Netherlands), Alex Penn (Sociology, Surrey), and Nigel Gilbert (Sociology, Surrey), has been published in Environmental Science and Policy.  A link to the published paper is here.  In the paper they illustrate how agent-based mathematical models can be used in a policy setting.  The paper models the response to policies, in the form of taxes and financial incentives, of the growth of composting and anaerobic digestion to reduce food waste going to landfill. The quantitative and dynamic nature of an agent-based modelling approach is used to demonstrate that policy outcomes depend not just on current policy levels but also on the historical path taken. The paper is an outcome of the ERIE Project at the University of Surrey which was supported by EPSRC grant EP/H021779/1.