David Lloyd visits Loughborough University and gives the Applied Mathematics Seminar

Dave Lloyd is visiting the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University today (Friday 20 May) and giving the Applied Mathematics Seminar (link here). The title of his talk is “Approximate localised dihedral patterns near a Turing instability.” Motivated by a physical experiment involving magnetic fluids, the talk will begin by explaining how axisymmetric spots can emerge from a pattern forming/Turing instability. Then the talk will discuss some recently submitted work on the emergence of approximate localised cellular patches with a dihedral pattern, using a theory that combines techniques of spatial dynamics for non-autonomous systems with rigorous numerics. Implications and extensions to 3D localised clusters of patterns will also be discussed. The presentation is based on joint work with Jason Bramburger (Concordia), Dan Hill (Saarbr├╝cken) and Matt Turner. The image below shows the new STEM-Lab at Lboro.