Data group hosts international conference on Data and Dynamics at the Surrey IAS

The Surrey Institute for Advanced Study and the Data Group are hosting the conference “Data and Dynamics” this week (25-26 May), organised by Jason Bramburger (Concordia, and Surrey IAS Fellow), Naratip Santitissadeekorn, Stefan Klus, and David Lloyd. A link to the conference webpage with timetable is here.The motivation for the conference is that data-driven technology has become increasingly indispensable for studies of dynamical systems where an analytical model is lacking, but observed data is available. This workshop will facilitate the cross-fertilisation between experts and researchers in machine learning and mathematics. It includes speakers from Concordia (Canada), University of Washington (US), Imperial, Warwick, Surrey, and the National Physical Laboratory. The image below shows the group photo of the conference. The organisers are far left (Klus), 9 from left (Lloyd), 10 from left (Bramburger), 14 from left (Santitissadeekorn). Click on the image to enlarge.