Anne Skeldon speaks the ERATO Joint UK-Japan Symposium at Oxford University

Anne Skeldon is an invited speaker at the ERATO UK-Japan Symposium on Circadian Rhythms and Sleep (link here). The meeting is virtual with live presentations broadcast from Oxford University, and takes place from 11-13 March. Anne‘s talk is on “Mathematical modelling of sleep and circadian rhythms and our interactions with society and the environment“. The meeting is designed to develop further collaborative links between the UK and Japan in the area of circadian rhythms and sleep. The audience will be primarily sleep and circadian rhythm scientists so it is another good opportunity for me to introduce people to some of the mathematical modelling that we have been doing in collaboration with Derk-Jan Dijk and others at the Surrey Sleep Research Centre to help understand what determines sleep timing in humans – and then as a corollary what we could do to develop personalised interventions to help people naturally sleep at a time that fits in with work / school schedules. The key idea is that models are forced coupled oscillatory systems where the forcing comes from the light / dark cycle that we expose ourselves to. The meeting is being held in the Oxford Martin School. The screenshot below is from the permanent webcam outside the building (link here).