New Postdoc Aravind Kumar Kamaraj joins project of Anne Skeldon on mathematical modelling of sleep

Aravind Kumar Kamaraj joined Surrey this month, taking up a 2-year Mathematics / Surrey Sleep Research Centre position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. He is joining an interdisciplinary team led at Surrey by Derk-Jan Dijk  (Director, Surrey Sleep Research Centre) investigating sleep and circadian rhythm disturbances in dementia (link here).  Aravind will be jointly supervised by Anne Skeldon and Derk-Jan, combining data, machine learning, data assimilation and mathematical modelling for further mechanistic understanding, the development of circadian biomarkers and interventions.

Aravind holds a PhD in Applied Mechanics from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Most recently he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine at the University of Birmingham (link here).

Aravind’s project is part of a larger collaborative effort led by Imperial College aimed at helping those with dementia and their caregivers: the UK Dementia Research Institute Centre for Care Research & Technology, Imperial College London, London and University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom. The project is supported by the UK Dementia Research through UK DRI Ltd, principally funded by the UK Medical Research Council, and additional funding partner Alzheimer’s Society.

The screenshot below shows Aravind‘s webpage from his previous position at Birmingham.