Who is Daniel?

Daniel is me! I am a student ambassador at the International Student Recruitment at Surrey University. I am a final year MChem Chemistry with Forensic Investigations undergraduate who came all the way for Bahrain. Yes, I can speak Arabic as well as English (obviously) but also Persian and some Spanish. I understood chemistry at school and did well compared to other subjects; I was also a big CSI fan which explains what I chose to study.

Yup! That’s me

My journey to this University, and in fact until now, is filled with curve balls. After getting my A-levels results, I was accepted by all five universities I had on UCAS with University of Sheffield being my first choice and University of Surrey my second. I accepted my first choice but response from the university to proceed with the application was slow and time wasn’t in my favour. It was already September and I wasn’t registered in any university. So, I went on to Surrey’s website to get a vibe for the university and looked into the module contents of my course and…boom I was hooked.

I accepted my offer at University of Surrey to study BSc Chemistry with Forensic Investigations; and their response was quick in terms of registering me before the start of the semester and helping me secure a last-minute accommodation. By end of September I was on my way with my dad to start a new chapter in my life. Unfortunately, I missed one of the most fun weeks – fresher’s week and started immediately on lecture day…ugh!

Hold on Daniel…you said they offered you a BSc but you’re doing MChem?

Well…that’s another curve ball, a rather good one:

  1. My course is a 4-year programme with a placement year in the third year.
  2. My course offers the chance to switch from BSc to MChem at the end of second year given you meet certain requirements

So why I waste 4 years for BSc if I can graduate with a masters…

So, the take home message is don’t be lazy and be prepared for what life is gonna throw at you: you are entering adulthood lol😊