On my way down to my accommodation, I had butterflies in my tummy. I moved in with my sister, as my parents couldn’t come with me as it was a weekday. I did not know what to expect. One of the things that blew my mind away immediately was the accommodation, how beautiful and lovely it looked. I was beyond my expectation and fortunately for me I got one of the newest accommodations.

Trying to find my way around campus was very hectic for me, as the entire environment was strange; the good thing was that there were a lot of people on campus who were willing to help. I settled in well in my accommodation, my flat mates were very friendly. They made a lot of effort to get to know me and spend some time together. We recently had a Christmas dinner which was beautiful and we all exchanged presents and had a nice evening together.

During the international orientation week, I was able to experience some British culture. We had the opportunity to go on trips to historical places in Surrey, Loseley House was a great experience. We had “afternoon tea” (scones and tea) which is a well-known British tradition. There was a meet and greet lunch organized by the International Student Support team and this was how I met one of my closest friends. The opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and who are in the same position as me helped me to feel more relaxed and I was able to adjust to my new environment.