Arriving at Surrey

The thought of leaving your family and friends to start a new life as a university student in another state not to talk of another country could easily pass as one of the scariest ideas ever. So then why do people still do it? Could it be their love for travel? Or wanting to learn about new cultures and languages? Let me share my experience with you because…..

I was probably the most excited person on the planet!

One of the major reasons I did come to Surrey is the fact that we have the chance to take a year out for placement. I feel this gives students the opportunity to go out into the real world and be practical about what they’ve been taught in lectures over the first two years. No-one can talk about the University of Surrey without emphasizing how great the scenery is! The layout of the university, the lake, the green space and flowers all create a warm, peaceful and relaxing environment which  immediately drew me in. Let’s not forget how close it is to London!

I had mixed feelings about moving to University to be honest, even though I had been in boarding school for high school. The thought of leaving my family again to start school in another country did scare me but then another part of me just could not wait to begin this road to adulthood. You know that phase where all of a sudden you’re expected to take responsibility for everything you do? The university helped me adjust into the environment as there were always people to turn to whenever I ran into difficulties regarding school work or even my social life.

In this adventure, making friends is a sure way of making the best out of your uni life. Fresher’s week is the best time to meet other students especially those in your flat because lectures haven’t started and they’ll be the ones closest to you in this new environment. Make an effort to talk to everyone, invite those the flat opposite yours for food or drinks, that way everyone interacts more. Who knows, you all could remain friends way after university.

University gives you the chance to start anew, so seize the opportunity. Pick up a new sport and join societies. I have been a member of the Nigerian Society, ACS and Investing Society since I got here. They open up so many opportunities such as networking. Be sure to attend the freshers fayre as that’s when you get to really know about the different societies by talking to their committee members.

Freshers week is a whole week of fun, partying and getting used to the new environment and its easy to get carried away when lectures start but find the right balance between studying and having an active social life. The main purpose of coming here is to study hard and get a degree but who says life has to be boring in order to achieve that?

The fun doesn’t stop at welcome week, there is lots to look forward to like the Guildford fireworks, the Christmas lights, Halloween (the union organizes trips to Thorpe Park for fright night), themed parties and much more! There’s so much to look forward to!