First Week Back In Lectures

Hi Guys!! What’s up?

I made good use of the weekend to relax and get myself back into the mode of school. And those being my only free days I had from the reading week I chilled to the FULLEST if that even makes sense.

Lectures started this week and surprisingly I’ve been very  excited about that. I guess I’m just eager to learn what second semester has in store for me. My timetable is quite scary though with the 9ams but I’ll survive that i’m sure of. Thankfully, I’ve got Tuesday free so I should be good. That being said you trust me to have something exciting on my first free day. My friends and I got invited to a body shop members event where we were pampered, given beauty tips and free goody bags! We later went to Five and Lime to have cocktails. In all it was a really good evening out with my friends. Talk to you guys soon, until then take care!