A Day In The Life Of An Electronic Engineering Student


Wow its been ages though. Hope you’re all good. Well well well, today I’m here to fill you in on what it’s like to be a second year engineering student here at the University of Surrey. I’ll go for Thursdays since I have most of my lectures on that day.

My lectures are as follows:

9am – Communcation and Networks (my favorite module)

12noon- Laboratiores, Design and Professional Studies (LDPS)

14:00- Electronics and Power Systems

15:00- Computer Systems

So yeah, I try dragging myself out of bed by 8am just to allow enough time to prepare for class. I always aim to have breakfast but honestly I not succeed most times. My comms lecturer usually gives us a 10 mins break after every hour so the 3 hour block isn’t as bad as you may think.

Immediately after the communications we move for LDPS, this module is designed to enable us develop business skills that are helpful in the engineering world. An example of a project was to split ourselves into groups and think of an engineering product or service we could build or provide, think of a target market, work out the cost of the project and how much we would sell it for. We gave a presentation at the end of the semester. We sometimes have guest speakers who give us advice on how to manage engineering businesses such as different laws to obey (copyright, trademarks e.t.c) I find it really helpful.

I then have an hour break. I usually have some lunch with my friends, sometimes we go to a cafe (starbucks or lakeside) to have a sandwich and latte (my fav combo). Then we go for an hour long lecture of Electronics. Thios module involves alot of formulae, I find it quite interesting….but not when I can’t remember  certain formulae lol.

And my very last lecture for the day Computer Systems. This has alot to do with computer organisation. This module goes very much into detail of how various computer components work, computer architecture and it explains what programmers need to know to successfully run programs/softwares.

After lectures I usually retire to my room for a short nap, just to restore some energy. Then, I make some dinner if I have no food already prepared. Sometimes I have my friends over for dinner or I just watch some series while eating. After dinner, I try going over some school work just so I’m up to date with what’s going on. This could go on for hours as I must confess I get distracted and end up wacthing youtube videos. I try to be in bed by 1am just so I have enough hours of sleep for my 9am on Friday and this basically sums up my day to day as an engineering student.