Hi guys,

I hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to the weekend? I am, as have had a pretty hectic week. I’m not sure the weekend is going to be really relaxing for me, as I have a lot of work to catch up on but fingers crossed everything will be fine.

I know most people do have a lot of bugging questions, as regards to food. Moving to another country as we know can be mind-boggling, especially the thought of having to adjust to a different kind of food. The experience of having to cater for myself, then the question of what if I can’t cook arises? How can I cope? and lots more really. I’ll just share a bit of my own experience on when I first moved to the UK, my case was different as I wasn’t allowed to cook myself. So I had no choice, other than having the school cooked meals. I promise for a week I had just toast cause I wasn’t used to the food and I was scared of trying new foods. It defintely got better with time and I found myself, enjoying the foods I never wanted to try.

On the bright side here in Surrey, you have lots of options to choose from. Most people here cook their meals themsleves. But trust me, sometimes it gets tiring and people get lazy and can’t be bothered to cook. Especially long days. Personally, I usually order take outs and it gets delivered to me which is very convenient or sometimes go to a restaurant on campus. We have varieties of restaurants/ coffee shops (Hillside, Chancellors, starbucks, lakeside… just to mention a few) on campus. Although some may be more expensive than the others, but prices are pretty reasonable.

It can also be scary if you can’t cook, but I remembered in my first year I had a friend who had dinners with her flat mates, which I thought was really nice. There wasn’t any pressure of feeling left out on not being able to make meals, as some of them couldn’t. So they tried new things together, learning  how to prepare some popular British foods like shepperd’s pie, bangers and mash, cauliflower cheese. She was also able to teach them how to make some Nigerian dishes…… So it actually wasn’t as bad, as she thought it was going to be.

I hope this was useful, although I feel like this might not apply to everyone. But just for some people that have been feeling stressed about the kind of food they’ll be eating when they get here.

PS: This also ties in with blog on student market.

Take care 🙂 x