Professional Training Year (PTY)

Hey guys,

I hope you are alll doing well? Just a bit of heads up to what a professional training year is all about, because I can imagine most undergraduate student would have heard about this.

A PTY happens in your second year. It is a 12month placement, mainly important for students who have applied for a 4year sandwich course to go for a placement year. Students also have a choice of not going for it, they must however inform their faculty about their decision. Most Nigerian Univerisities, refere a to placement year as IT (Industrial Training)

I’m currently in my second year, applying for placements. I must say the whole process is quite stressful and I guess the process in Nigeria is different, well I’m not too sure about this so please don’t quote my words :). It is exciting at the same time. I mean like you get paid (£12,000- depending on the company), you get to practice what you’ve been studying, and you get a year off from studying yaaay!!  lol…

Doing a placement year, is one of the reasons why I chose Surrey as my firm choice. They have close links with top companies, that come in every week to give us advice on the entire application process and kind of tell us more about the company. Asides this, there are a lot of support from the careers service- CV checks, conducting mock interviews, having assesment workshops. And oh I forgot to mention that everyone has an option of doing a placement abroad, if they want to and apply to any company. Although, having a reputable company looks good on anyones CV.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas on what a PTY is about, I haven’t gotten a placement yet but will defintely do another blog on how I got a placement.

Take care guys, I hope you have a great weekend 🙂 x