MONEY!!! How to save as a student

Heyyyyy Guys,

I hope you’re all doing good? And you’ve missed reading our weekly blog post as much as I have missed writing them :). The last few weeks has been pretty relaxing for everyone in Uni, we had our Easter break and it was defintely a great time to catch up with family, friends, work and of course sleep :p. Anyways moving on to the post for today….. I guess everyone gets excited when they hear the word “money” lol.

I will be sharing some tips on how to save as a student and sharing some of my own personal experiences since I got into Uni. Everyone has different ways they budget, this really depends on each individual’s circumstance. It is very important to consider this, especially as an international student who would not be getting any student loan. So yeah I hope you enjoy 🙂

– I personally get monthly stipend from my parents, and I have an agreed date and amount when I get it. This helps me in budgeting how much I should be spending within a week. I usually don’t spend a lot of money during the week, except money for food of which I budget 30pounds each week. Well I know what you’re thinking, its quite a lot but I don’t always spend that amount every week. Its just a budget, it also helps me to save, because if I don’t spend that money I get to save it.

– I try going to the veg market every week, my friend did a post on that, so please read for more information. It is definitely cheaper to buy fruits and veg from there, sometimes when I go shopping in our local supermarkets (Tesco) I tend to look for deals. Oh yes!! Every student love deals…. with this I’m able to spend less than I budget.

– With your Univeristy student card, you can get student discounts in some shops and some restaurants. Being a University student also allows you to sign up to a webisite called UNIDAYS, students get discounts off their purchases from different stores online.

– Buying books off Amazon is another useful tip, Most students get good bargains on Amazon. Although, the University has its own bookstore called Appleseed. Its important to shop around and see what works for you as an individual.

– Getting a railcard is important, because you get 1/3 discount off your travelling cost to anywhere within England, provided you’re travelling on train.

I must not forget to add that on Thursdays in Guildford (where Univeristy of Surrey is located) students get 20% off anything they purchase in the mall.

I hope this was useful. Have a lovely week and I’ll catch up with you all next week 🙂 xx