The Isle Of Wight

Hey Guys!

So I’m here to with my weekly banter about life as a Nigerian student in Surrey. Over the weekend my touristic side came out in full blast as I spent the weekend with a couple of college friends. We visited the Isle of Wight as my friend felt it would be a good place to spend her birthday weekend and it was ah-may-zinggggg. It has an area of about 380 km² (146.7 sq miles). Its popularly known for its festivals which I think is coming up in June/July this year. I would encourage anyone to go because its just a nice place thats gets you away from the drama the world seems to offer lately.

I had such a good time reuniting with friends I hadn’t seen in 3 years! We all found our way to Southampton from our various schools, and then we took a ferry down to the island. Luckily for me Guildford is relatively close so it took just about an hour 30 minutes, not too bad, unlike some friends who spent 4 hours on the train (those from the midlands mainly). The ferry took about 55 minutes to the island. There’s a faster ride that gets you there in about 20-30 minutes but we opted for this so as to digest whatever gist everyone had to offer about their lives. We got to our hotel at around 11pm, checked in, had dinner and slept after a long day (I had labs from 10am – 5pm I was allowed lol)


On Saturday we went to the zoo! It was quite exciting because I honestly can’t recall my last trip to the zoo. I’ve got some pictures for you ofcourse 🙂 We took a walk back to the hotel admiring the beautiful beach, it was stunning! IMG_5224IMG_5222

On our way back we stopped for some ice cream 😀 I had a mix of vanilla and chocolate, my all time ice cream favs! IMG_5266

Later that Saturday night we went for dinner all dressed in our lovely maxi dresses, except the guys of course (my first time in one tbh).


This last picture sums up out Sunday. We got up by 9am to have breakfast, went back to our rooms to pack and get ready for our journey back to our schools. We took the bus to the ferry port which gave us to chance to actually drive round the island we didn’t have the time to see. On getting to Southampton we said our goodbyes and continued our journies back to our different schools.