Life as a Final Year Student


So my conclusion before I even begin telling you about life as a Final Year student is:

First year is for having fun and getting to know the University.

Second year is for being the organiser of the fun in order to add something nice to your CV.

Final year is for fighting for your life because at this point you realise all employees need a 2:1 or a First Class and the lecturers somehow think by now you should have developed super powers and you should know everything they are talking about even if it’s the very first time you are hearing about it.

Where did time go to? Who controls time? It seems as though someone is holding the Clock somewhere and increases the speed every year at Uni. Please if you know who this person is I need more time! May I have 1 billion extra hours added to my day please? Thanks in advance 🙂

Ok seriously it is not that bad, or is it? You have less lectures and more free time which of course you are expected to use wisely in order to get your desired result by studying hard.

Things you have to do in Final Year

Become Blind: “A wise blind man once said “When I go shopping I am never tempted to buy what I didn’t plan to buy because I can’t see it”. CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THE PARTIES AND SOCIAL GATHERINGS. Well you can’t eat your cake and have it. Second year students are really excited at this point because they are now leaders of societies and wish to show of their skills therefore they are planning and organising mind blowing events, you’ve been there and done that MOVE ON, don’t be tempted because in order to get what you want or even a different and better result than you did in your second year you must have a different strategy! (less party, more work)

Get Married: Yes, you have to get married in final year, who is your bride or groom you ask? THE LIBRARY. Make the Library your ‘BAE’, eat, breath, laugh, talk, pray, hug, love the library because it is a ‘till graduation do you apart’ situation. Yes, I didn’t say sleep, go home and sleep! Then come back the next day. The University of Surrey library is beautiful and conducive for report writing, research, help with dissertation, exam study, group study etc. So make sure you use it until the security and library staff know your name and favourite spot to study! LOL The only child you are going to have at the end of the year is SUCCESS!

Matrix Reloaded: Ok your thinking what is she on about now? LOL well it’s the final battle you are NEO and your lecturer is agent smith, it’s the battle of your life and there’s only one outcome, you are going to come out a victor. Think like Neo, you have to be bullet proof! All the gun shots fired (Dissertation, reports, exam, test, case studies, etc.), catch them and drop them, even if it hits you, remember you are bullet proof!

Hold on! it’s not really that dramatic LOOL  but The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Vince Lombardi


Stay Beautiful

Ese x