Unexpected Visit from My Mum

It’s the 2nd of November Monday morning my alarm goes off and I am about to take a major superman shower and fast and furious teeth brushing as I need to get to the library ASAP to do the final revision for my Financial management module because of my test at 2:00pm today, when I hear my flat bell ring and no one in the flat was answering so I just popped my head out ran to press the button to let whoever it was in and ran back into my room.


I come out of the shower to hear someone knocking on my door, it seemed they had been knocking for a while and I couldn’t hear over my little turn up singing in the shower, so I ask ‘who is there’ ‘no reply’, I ask again ‘who is there’ ‘no reply’ then am like ‘ok o you will sleep outside that door if you like don’t answer’ then the voice says ‘Com’n will you open this door’ and my reaction was literally


So my whole life flashes before my eyes in like 5 seconds, then I open the door and its my MUM! She starts laughing and saying I wanted to surprise you.

Now someone who has something major to hide would have passed out at this point lool, but because of my angelic waysPicture2  I let her in knowing I had nothing to hide. So I was actually very happy to see her but I was shocked she would show up without letting me know.

On the upside of things, she brought me groundnut, kilishi, Chin Chin, plantain chips, gala, some Nigerian cream for my face and Ariel soap (which I really miss as the detergents in this country only work in the washing machine for some very weird reasons- just saying).

Moral of the story:

Just because you are in the land of the ‘Oyinbos’ or planning to come and join us in this land doesn’t mean you should forget all the good words and advice your parents have given you, because the culture here is very different so don’t get carried away and don’t do things your parents won’t be proud of you for.

So now let’s think about it, if this happened to you would you be dead by now? loool especially if you were u to something naughty?



Stay good!

Ese xx