How to get a part-time job.


After all the excitement of the new year died out, I noticed that my bank account balance had died along with all the new year resolutions I made :.(  Who knew joining the FitFam would cost so much! Although the Surrey Sports Park is offering a 6 month membership with over 30% savings Click Here and Unidays has a few sales on Click Here.

Surrey Sports Park Gym

Surrey Sports Park Gym

I knew I had to get a  job if I wanted to be comfortable this semester and with the economic crisis in Nigeria not looking like it’s going to end anytime soon, I’m really feeling the pinch in my pockets. UNITEMPS  and e4s to the rescue!!! Don’t get me wrong Guildford is blessed with an abundance of part-time jobs in its town centre but, with a 20hr work limit and rigorous university timetable it may be  hard to find a job that really fits around your schedule. This is what makes UNITEMPS so amazing, it’s a recruitment agency for students which provides temporary jobs on campus and in the local community. So I applied for a job last week and the Careers service at the University helped fine tune my CV and I just found out that my job application has been successful.  Looks like I might be balling this weekend.

God bless,