Open Day (Part 2)

Hello again…

Now this is my promise to bring you open day part 2. This write-up is a non-pictorial one so please bear with me. (lol)

From open day – part 1, I’m sure we had an idea of what typically happens on such days.  In simple words, it is where the University ‘OPEN’ their doors to prospective students to get a ‘feel’ of the University through structured events as mentioned in part 1. Most Universities have open days in June and later in the year say September or October and University of Surrey has lined up some other open day events for the following dates:

  • Saturday, 15th September
  • Saturday, 13th October

Much as there’s no better way to get a feel of the University of one’s choice, find out about their undergraduate or postgraduate degree programmes, check out accommodation types and existing facilities and enquire about student life in general, not many international Students can pay a visit to their choice university for an open day.

International Students ‘like us’ very much rely on information from the school’s website, organized webinars and prospectuses – which would always show the University in the best light with lovely pictures of nice places and smiling students (but of course – lol). However, the following are ways you can enjoy an open day right where you are in Nigeria.

  • Virtual tours of the accommodation and using the virtual reality app
  • Ask questions by sending emails directly to your department/admissions team/student services contact
  • Attend pre-departure sessions held in Nigeria

I took advantage of all three and I can say I had a relative ‘feel’ of the University before I came. I used the accommodation videos to check out the different accommodation types from Band A to Band F including studio and family flats and to be honest, it is just as it was shown in the video – NO OVERSELLING.

You can visit

You can use the virtual reality app and explore the university using your smart phone. You can visit

I leveraged on asking lots of questions via emails. This was especially because I was coming with my 2 kids and needed all the guidance possible to avoid making mistakes, so I asked questions about:

  • Schools my children could attend – best schools close to my intended accommodation and the various options. I also emailed the schools so we all got admission about the same time.
  • Visa application requirements and procedures for dependents
  • Living expenses in Guildford

Lastly, I attended the pre-departure session held at the Sheraton Hotel which was anchored by Ann-Marie – the country rep. and she touched on lots of information that you’d probably not think of asking on an open day. Should I go into details? I’d do a bit…She talked about…

  • The high level of security and low crime rate in Guildford,
  • Advantageous proximity to both Gatwick and Heathrow airports,
  • Proximity from Uni to town centre, – where you can get all the nice shops to shop(winks)
  • Taking advantage of Student ambassadorial work and making money amongst other things…In short, please take advantage of it….

I’d catch up with you next time. My next writeup could include a travel checklist I put together in preparation for my coming…it might shock you what was on it…

Till then… xxx