Countdown to Welcome Week!

Hello! Hi! *Clears cobwebs*

I can’t lie, its been a minute. A very long minute. I don’t even know what to say. You know when everything goes from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK?! Like one minute you’re cruising and everything’s good, then the next, trailer jam from nowhere?

Hope everyone’s good?!

It’s come to that time of the year once again. The countdown to Freshers’ Week has begun. I’m sure by now everyone’s done their shopping, (some have probably finished packing). I remember when this was me in 2015. Though I started in February and not September, the excitement was super real. That was the only time I can say with my chest that I didn’t leave my packing till the last minute lol. Your girl was so ready to travel.

But with all the excitement about packing and travelling also comes the fear and anxiety of new environments, new experiences, new people. And tbh, it’s very normal to be nervous. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying it’s unusual to feel otherwise. So, I guess that’s what this post is about, tackling new beginnings. Lol I’m not claiming to be an expert oo… but I can still share what I’ve learned.

  • Starting off, make sure not to overpack. That’s a very easy mistake to make. Consider the fact that it’ll be winter and with our climate, half the things we own might not be suitable. You’ll most probably be doing a lot of shopping when you get to England for thicker, warmer clothes, scarves, boots, etc.
  • Bulkier items such as kitchen utensils, pots, cutlery etc, can be gotten from Argos in town so they can be left behind. But then again, its all up to you.
  • Bedding items; duvets, blankets, pillows, sheets etc can also be gotten afterwards.

I think we can all admit that moving somewhere new/living on your own can be daunting. Yes, even those of us that went to boarding school. You’re starting uni, something you’ve always heard of as the highlight of your young adult life. Its supposed to be where you meet your friends for life so you’re definitely feeling a bit pressured. But I can happily say, nahhh it’s not that deep. You don’t have to find your squad in the first week.

It can be hard to get out and socialise. But it gets easier when you realise that, you’re not the only one feeling that way. Literally everybody is nervous as well. You could just start by smiling at someone, your flatmate from across the corridor, someone seating beside you at your welcome talk etc. It’s especially difficult for shy people, or the introverts like me out there. It can be so easy and tempting to just hide away in your room, but I’ll say you just have to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. While you can’t force a friendship, you can still make an effort to put yourself out there.

The first few days you might feel like everyone’s found their squad and you’re the only one left. But remember that it’s not by force. Some might click instantly and then fall apart just as fast, others might not meet till much later and last forever. The best way is just not to box yourself in, step out, join a society or sport’s club, talk to your classmates etc.

There are sooo many sports societies and otherwise available under the Student’s Union, and there’s no better time than Fresher’s week to find out. Head out to the Fayre, take a look at the stalls, talk to society members and see what tickles your fancy. Check out the Union’s website below to get a headstart

I should also mention that all first years/new comers to the University are assigned Student Life Mentors. Your mentors are students themselves (so very relatable) who lived in the same court/hall of residence as you at some point. They visit every week just to check on you and make sure you’re settling in properly. If you’re experiencing problems, personal or otherwise (e.g. tension with your flatmates), they would usually be your first call.


My next blog is going to be about fun things to do in or around Guildford during your first week, ways to bond with your flatmates etc.

Till next time!

Fawziyyah xx