What to do….

HEY! How’s everyone doing??

Like joke the holiday is actually almost over. How?? Time flies so quickly nowadays. Then you look back and think…what exactly have I been doing with my life? How are you guys dealing with the holiday blues? Lemme know!

Anyway, last week I promised to write about things to do/places to go in and around G-Town, so here’s a short list of fun activities. Onto the first:

  1. Spectrum Leisure Centre:

Your one stop facility for activities like ice skating, swimming, gym/classes and my personal favourite…bowling (it’s one time my competitive streak comes out to play lol). It’s a family friendly complex located about 30 minutes from campus. It’s perfect if you’re planning a night out with a small group of friends or even for parties. Its ice rink is pretty big (so enough space between the wannabe figure skaters and those of us that prefer to stick to the walls); personally, I prefer to stand outside and look at people falling because I’m exceptionally clumsy (a friend once fractured her wrist from this, ouch, *shout out to E*). Haba don’t let me scare you guys with horror stories, its honestly super fun, and there’s always staff around for help.

  1. The Big Apple, Woking:

Ok so this is another entertainment centre but in Woking, a town about 10/15 minutes from Guildford. There’s a bowling alley and arcade but what really gets me is Laser Tag. Remember when I said bowling makes me competitive? Its nothing compared to this lol. Tbh I blame it on watching too many action movies as a kid (*cough* Spy Kids *cough*…. if you know, you know). Honestly though, if you’re the type to not settle for a quiet night out to a restaurant or the cinema, this one’s for you. This brings me to the next:

  1. Guildford Town Centre:

One good thing about Guildford being a relatively small town is that everything (well most) is within walking distance of each other. The uni is just 10 minutes from the town centre and the train station. The Friary Centre (main shopping complex), surrounding restaurants and shops, Odeon cinema and the high street all within 5 minutes of each other. Super convenient for a lazy Saturday.


All of this and let’s not forget that London, the biggest and baddest of them all, is only 40 minutes away!

For anyone in Guildford, there’s an International Student Welcome Meal being held at the Guildford Park Church on Friday the 21st!  For more information check out the Student Life Facebook page or Surrey Globe Café page.

Till next time!