My Trip to Wales

Hey there. Me again. Hope everyone’s good?

Anyway, today I’m throwing it back to my trip to Mount Snowdon earlier this year. A bit of background before I carry on. The trip was organised by the Islamic Society as one of the many fundraising events for Charity Week. Charity Week is exactly what it implies; a week of fundraising organised by Islamic Relief UK in which ISOCs across the UK take part in. It’s held every year with all the proceeds going towards various projects all over the world.

If you don’t know, Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and the most popular in the UK. Now, for me climbing a mountain is a bit extreme (I’m not really the active type), but I figured since it was for a good cause, why not? Plus, it was bound to be an…interesting experience (I later found out that ‘interesting’ was a severe understatement).

The excitement for this trip was too real. First, I was glad to just take a break from uni and my design project, even if it was just for a day. Secondly, I’d never been to Wales, thirdly…I was climbing a mountain. As this was early in the year, we knew it was bound to be cold, so I had to go shopping for supplies. Name it, I bought it; hiking boots, gloves, thick sweatpants etc. But guys, nothing could have prepared us for what we faced. Despite the layers of clothing we all had on to protect us from the cold, we definitely weren’t ready for the wind. It was so bad we never actually got to climb Snowdon itself as it was too dangerous. Anyway, thanks to our lovely guides, the trip definitely wasn’t a waste because we hiked along the mountain ridge instead. It took 6 hours in total (roughly 3 hours both ways).

We set off from uni at about 2:45am on a Sunday morning. It was a very long 6-hour drive. Considering the time, you’d expect everyone to be asleep trying to conserve energy..but of course not. Everyone was buzzing with excitement in anticipation of what was to come.


The scenery was out of this world. Its no surprise I plan to go again in February (you’d think the threat of snow would scare me away, but hey, what doesn’t kill you…)

The skies look so blue and warm…oh the deceit…

The picture below is one of my absolute favourites. It was taken in one of the towns we passed through when leaving the park.

That’s all from me for today guys.

Till next time.