Hey there.

So on my last post, I said I’d blog about the extra support available to students during exams.

Finding a study space in the library during exams can be very difficult if you go during regular (normal people) hours. So the university has helped create the Library+ for additional study spaces. It’s located in the AC building, just behind the library.  There are group study rooms, for those who like to study with friends/course mates, and quiet study rooms, for individuals.

There’s a common seating area where you can go for a study break with free hot drinks, and a smoothie bike.

Also, the SPLASH (Student Personal Learning and Study Hub) team are always available to provide revision advice or tips to students through the Revision Café.

We all know winter exams can be so depressing. Comfort isn’t to be taken lightly so to ease some of the stress, there are blankets at the library entrance.

I mean, when will your fave ever??

There’s one day of exams left and everyone is looking forward to next week. We usually have a week free of lectures after the January exams called Reading Week. It’s meant to be used for preparation/reading for the next semester’s modules. Most people use it to catch up on lost sleep lol. It’s a well-deserved break. I’m also finished with exams but will be using the week to prepare for my project presentation and viva coming up on Thursday and Friday.

Till next time.