Winter Wonderland

Hey there.

Hope everyone’s good.

It’s that time of the year again. You can almost feel the anxiety and stress in the air when walking around campus. Lol I’m being slightly dramatic. Or am I?

Exam Season. Fun ☹

Well the University officially resumed for Christmas break last week. Usually, the first week back is solely for revision so there aren’t many lectures. Maybe tutorials for some courses that have organised revision with specific lecturers. The exam period started on the 14th and usually lasts two weeks. Maybe on my next post I’ll write all about the additional support and resources provided to students during the exam period, but for today, I’m throwing it back to happier times.

You remember my last post I mentioned that I’ll be making more of an effort to enjoy myself a little bit more and stress a little bit less? Well, a few days after that, I decided to take myself up on that and went to…

…. drumroll please…


It’s a Christmas event held every year in London’s Hyde Park from November till early January. Its basically an amusement park, with a lot of rides, but also musical shows, ice skating, markets etc. There’s no admission fee but you have to pay for whatever attraction you visit. I’ve been here four years and yet this was my first time going. I’m shaking my head at myself.

Tbh I was only there for the rides and nothing else. Well, maybe the food too lol.

The first one I went on was by far the worst, though you wouldn’t guess it by looking at it.

It’s called The Waltzer. Before getting on, my housemate said “Why this one? It looks like a children’s ride”…she was sorely mistaken. I’d seen it on someone’s Instagram and decided to try it out. The entire time I was like “Lord epp me”. It spun so fast, I swear at a point I actually felt my soul leave my body. Lool afterwards my friend complained that it had given her much for a kids ride right?

The next one we went one was a rollercoaster. It wasn’t so bad. My eyes were closed the entire time though lol.

This next one… I didn’t actually go on because God Forbid. Lol I wouldn’t even dare. It was basically a human slingshot. Logically, I know it’s obviously safe or else it wouldn’t have been commissioned in the first place, but…BRUH. You can see how there’s literally nothing but two strings holding the ball? I saw it and I’m like NAHH. Who is sending me??

We also went on The Ferris Wheel. Even though you’re going so slow you don’t really notice the movement, I was reminded why I’ve never been on the London Eye….I’m terrified of heights. Lol I was so stressed. I couldn’t even lift my head up long enough to take a proper picture. I had to make my friend do it. Lol she and the couple who got on with us couldn’t stop laughing at me. Peer pressure guys, don’t be a victim.

Lol but despite everything, it was still really fun and we enjoyed ourselves.

Till next time.