**Life as a PGR at Surrey**

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My name is Ijeoma. I’m a first-year PhD student in the Department of Management and Business here at the University of Surrey. It’s my first blog post ever! It’s an interestingly new experience for me, and I’m excited to share my journey about what Surrey life is like for a PGR student!

My journey at Surrey started with my MBA. Coming here in 2019 with two of my four children, I thought that since the MBA was just for one year, there wasn’t any need to drag the whole family along. Oh boy, was I wrong!! 

From the first day I stepped foot into the Surrey Business School (which happens to be the first building right beside the central bus drop off point), it was love at first sight . I felt like a kid on their first day at school (almost 20 years post BSc).

Even though I had prior knowledge of the MBA modules (relevant to the new business era), which was the main initial attraction and one of the reasons for choosing Surrey, nothing prepared me for the stack reality of engaging in the real deal of knowledge acquisition.

At Surrey, great attention is paid to providing students with up-to-date world-class education relevant to their fields of interest. Therefore, exposing students to innovative, in-depth knowledge with the opportunity to engage with peers, stakeholders, and employers alike.

For me, my MBA program, which was on-campus and online (during the Covid-19 lockdown), was more like a refining process. It brought out the authentic resilience of my Nigerian spirit, which carried me through the whole journey. Hence my thirst for more! (More jist for later)

Thanks for reading through till the end. I hope you come back again for more, as this is just the beginning of many more exciting blogs from me. Please leave your comments and questions below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Cheers! 

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