The Forever Surrey Journey

Hello everyone, my name is Oluwatobi aka Toby Dee. I worked previously as a mid-level career professional in a venture capital firm. Early this year, I took the initiative to enhance my education and applied for an MBA at the University of Surrey, I’m committed to making my time as an MBA student productive and beneficial. I hope you enjoy my posts.

Now to the story;

Ten weeks have passed since I downsized to two boxes and a bag, sold my car, bid farewell to some friends and family, and moved to Surrey with a leap of faith. It’s been thrilling, but also intimidating. I miss the chaos and energy of Lagos, my automobile, and rising in my bed (a huge bed haha).

I didn’t know what to expect in Surrey, all I knew was that it would life-changing. I heard about the University of Surrey from a friend, before this, I never knew about or considered it. My friend highly recommended Surrey, and I gave it a shot, honestly, I was still unsure until I read about the modules that’ll be offered in the MBA course, that was when I felt this could be it.

I had a great call with the MBA director during the application process, made a mistake because I’ve had so many MBA calls, and received an email with an offer shortly after. Despite this, I was still unsure of my decision until I started corresponding with the international recruitment team (Ololade and Annie). Thanks, ladies, the frequent communication inspired me to be #ForeverSurrey. The winning streak was conversations with Surrey MBA alums on LinkedIn and Instagram, it gave me the final push I needed. One individual had similar MBA offers to what I currently had, and I questioned why Surrey. The curriculum, he replied, “and now that I’ve finished my program, it was the best option I could have made.” I was nearly sold. (Yes, my decision-making process can be long sometimes)

The picture was taken at Surrey Hive

A few intense prayers and progressions later, I focused on Surrey, and after two incredible months with people from diverse backgrounds and interests, and professors with an immense depth of experience, it’s feeling like a community.

Not just with my MBA cohort, but with the incredible Nigerian community; the Nigerian society had a hangout a few weeks ago, and we had the best time. It felt like I was in Lekki, Lagos for a few hours despite the cold the only thing missing was the noise.

Considering an MBA is not an easy feat, especially with so many options to pick out from, with a few shares of conversations with people about their ‘why’ Surrey MBA, this is what I understood; it has great promise.

Although settling in was a little daunting, I now walk an average of 15 kilometers every week, which is fantastic but it’s a preference for me, Surrey has a partnership with Stagecoach (the local bus service), and they have good student discounts dedicated routes to the Stag Hill campus and Manor Park residence. I also prepare my meals, which surprises my people because when I was in Lagos, I always ordered takeout or packed food from my mom’s house.

If you’re reading this, put your best foot forward, have what you want and just do it! To apply, talk with a Surrey International recruiting team for your home country, or message an alumnus. See where that choice leads you.

Before I finish, a major tip would be to apply early – so many things change, and you don’t want to be caught up.

Until my next blog post stay jiggy and thank you for reading the Surrey meets Nigeria blog.

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