African Food Online Stores.

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We’re talking food today.

I can honestly say that I had difficulties finding Nigerian groceries during my first year in Guildford, as I quickly exhausted the supplies I brought from Nigeria. And so, I had to experiment with every possible website and guess what I discovered? I found a few websites that have been amazing so far, and I am sharing them with you just in case you want to stock up some Nigerian  groceries. These site include ;


Wosi Wosi, Olumo foods and Afro Buy, are some of the sites that I have found with most African and Caribbean food stuff. They offer a wide range of Nigerian, Ghanaian and Caribbean food products including fruits and vegetables, condiments, snacks, drinks, meat, flour, grains, and beauty products. Delivery is provided throughout the United Kingdom, and the delivery time varies from one to five working days. 

While being far from home can be challenging, finding familiar or β€˜home’ food would be one less concern.

I hope you found this helpful beautiful people. That’s all from me for now.

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