Hi all🥰,

Wishing you a happy new month and greetings from the 8 degrees weather, I hope everyone is keeping warm.

I have realised that this semester is gradually coming to an end and that it would be appropriate for me to introduce myself to everyone before the new one starts.

Who is the person behind this face?

My name is Frances Anjolaoluwa Thompson (you can address me as Frances or Anjola depending on which favours your tongue🤣) and I am a 19-year-old international student from Lagos, Nigeria. I am a 2nd year undergraduate student studying Media and Communication.

Why did I choose to study Media and Communications you may ask?

I pride myself in my communicative and charismatic skills. Studying media and communication was the next step in sharpening my skillset and will prove important in my professional journey because of my unwavering commitment to acquiring knowledge whilst expanding my existing understanding of the numerous media fields used in the world today. Pursuing a degree in Media & Communications has developed my research and analytical skills because of the modules and individual development tasks I have been involved in.

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My interests include engaging in thought-provoking and stimulating conversations with others, going shopping, exploring new foods, and dining establishments, learning about various cultures, swimming, travelling, watching television, and many more activities.

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My Job Position and Role:

I am recently enrolled as an International Student ambassador and one of my major roles is being of assistance to answer any questions on how studying Media and Communication at the University of Surrey enables young individuals like yourselves to accurately communicate messages, evaluate data, identify reliable sources as well as other benefits.

Some of you may encounter me in person but, I will occasionally participate in webinars that are aimed at potential Nigerian students or prospective students in general.                     

Not only will I be doing that, but I’ll also be blogging on the social and academic aspects of university life in addition to my primary role. Since I occasionally provide campus tours for students and potential students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, some of you may have the opportunity to see me in person. I will occasionally participate in webinars that are targeted at potential Nigerian students or prospective students in general.

Though I am a part of a student body that wishes to bring the Sociology Society (SocSoc) back from its dormant state, I do not currently belong to any clubs or organisations. Because I am so passionate about sociology, I want both professors and students to realise that the field can be much broader than just Karl Marx and Èmile Durkheim. Sociology is literally about everything and anything, and I can’t wait for people to realise how much fun that can be!

I regret not being able to provide regular updates on the society’s progress as the information shared may not always be reliable. However, (fingers crossed 😝), if our restoration process proceeds as intended, I would very much love to play a part in the society!

If you have any questions whatsoever, I will be more than happy to answer them all.

Just reach out to me on:

I look forward to keeping you guys updated on things that go on within and outside the university, and I hope to see some of you prospective students next session🥳

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