Meet CEO!

Hey guys! It’s the one and only CEO here, and I’m thrilled to be helping the university inform prospective students—both domestic and foreign—about how to effectively maximise their stay at the University of Surrey by sharing my experiences and unambiguously distributing important information that all students need to know!

Who is the person behind this face?

My name is Callistus Ehiremen Onolememen, also known by the initials C.E.O. I am proudly Nigerian, a Christian by faith, and currently embarking on my first year in Computer Science at the University of Surrey. As a progressed scholarship student and an alumnus of the Surrey International Study Centre (SISC), I serve as an ambassador and have had the privilege of guiding many through the university’s premises and their foundation year, especially for the Computing, Engineering, and Physical Sciences (CEPS) pathway. Previously, I fulfilled the role of Vice-President for the university’s Catholic Society.

Some of you might already be familiar with this unique face already, as I have already taken quite a number of you on tours round the university’s premises. I am a purpose-driven individual committed to excellence, always striving to make a positive impact on the lives of those I encounter. While I am known for my lightheartedness and a sense of humor that brings smiles to many, I uphold a no-nonsense stance when the situation calls for seriousness.

What are my hobbies?

In terms of hobbies, I am a sports enthusiast, with particular affinities for football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and American football, the latter of which I play at the university level. Fitness is another passion of mine, and I dedicate myself to regular workouts at the gym, maintaining a regimen of 4-5 days a week.

When I’m not engaged in athletic pursuits, I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, reading books, and engaging in volunteering activities. My love for music is another facet of my life; I have been blessed with a voice that I use both for leisurely vibes and to glorify God in the choir. My musical journey continued with my presidency of the Music Club at the SISC during my foundation year, where I provided weekly musical highlights for the students.

Constantly seeking personal growth and development, I engage in talk shows, conferences, and have even pioneered the ‘Leadership Club’ during my foundation year at the university, fostering development and leadership skills among my peers.

My Job and Position

Following my successful application and interview for the role of International Ambassador, I was thrilled to accept the official appointment. Not long afterward, I campaigned for the Vice-President position within the Catholic Society. My efforts were rewarded when I was elected, thanks to the confidence and support of my peers.

You might be curious about how I managed such demanding roles simultaneously. Admittedly, it was quite challenging initially, but this is where effective time management became my ally.

The prospect of juggling multiple responsibilities can be daunting for many. However, when one is driven by genuine passion and love for their endeavors, that apprehension dissipates. It was my fervor for these roles that honed my ability to meticulously organize my schedule. This same passion instilled in me the confidence and motivation to undertake and accomplish given tasks within the stipulated timeframes, without hesitation or fear.

Should you require any guidance or have questions that only a seasoned Surrey savant can answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to your Surrey experience, ensuring it’s not only enlightening but also exceptionally memorable. Welcome to the start of a journey you’ll recount with a smile for years to come!