Walking, bus or bike? Getting around campus.

Author: Dimitris Nestoras.

Transportation around campus and the town of Guildford couldn’t just be easier. Whether you need to get to an early 9am lecture, visit the library on a Sunday evening, reserve a good spot to finish that assignment or head to the Sports Park to train, the university of Surrey has considered your options, depending on your budget, your mood, and of course your location.


Buses are operated by the Stagecoach company (they are not the traditional red buses of London, despite being double deckers), and the number that you’ll probably need to remember is number one, because this is the line that runs through the Stag Hill campus. It  connects Guildford town centre and Manor Park. The bus, starting from hub number 5 at the Friary Bus station, approaches the train station in less than five minutes, entering the campus through the big car park, continuing next to Millennium House, around the lake, by the Austin Pierce piazza and Twyford court, stops just a stone’s throw from Tesco superstore, and passing through Surrey Sports Park and Manor Park campus, terminating at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. The price is fixed at one pound, regardless of the trip you do, either you just travel for one stop, or at a maximum distance between Manor Park campus and Guildford town centre (that can be  good and bad at the same time). Another nice touch, is that buses are equipped with USB ports for charging your phone after a long shopping day downtown, providing at the same time free WiFi access on board. Pretty cool, huh?

For more information, visit https://www.stagecoachbus.com


Owning a bike? No problem at all! The campus and generally the area of Guildford is super friendly to riders. Limited up hills and downhills, little car traffic congestion make the use of bikes as easier as it can get. You don’t owne one? No problem at all! The university has come to an agreement with Nextbike, a company operating a “hire a bike” scheme. It is easy; you sign-up with a monthly or annual subscription (60 pounds) and ride the first 30 minutes for free (let’s be honest, there is no route on campus that will last more than that) or just sign up casually and be charged one pound every time you hire a bike. It’s super healthy, sustainable and you of course have fun! For more information, check their website https://www.nextbike.co.uk/en/university%20of%20surrey


The best solution for your health though, is taking it on foot. Anywhere your destination is, it is just in your mind to make it. Research has shown that walking can help you lose weight but also reduces the risk for heart diseases, so what else do you want to listen to put your shoes on and start your day with a walk by the lake? (beware of the ducks, they get upset sometimes) And there is more. Have you heard of Surrey Moves? It is a platform that gives you rewards if you just… walk or do any other kind of exercise. If you are a university student (and own a @surrey.ac.uk email address) you can visit https://www.himotiv.com or Surrey moves, create an account and then link the account with an app or a smart watch that are able to count your steps and that’s it! Your points will be recorded everyday (make sure you synchronize the website with the app regularly) and as soon as you have gathered enough, you can redeem them in various offers, eg a hot drink on campus, or a fantastic and useful Surrey Moves bottle. You are also able to add your friends who “Surrey move” to the platform (you earn extra points from that) and compare your points with them at a monthly leader board, challenge them and earn even more points. As the quote says, “walk more, worry less”.

Key: ‘ indicates minutes.

It is generally a piece of cake to move around campus, and as you can see you have many options. Guildford is considered a safe area to live, and I am sure that if you are reading these lines right now, thinking of University of Surrey as a potential place to study, you are about to make a fantastic decision! (even if taking always an Uber is your thing).