A typical day as a PhD student

How my day usually begins

As a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering I start my day with very well-established processes with my supervisor. I reach the Lab and meet my colleagues. Then as part of the PhD research that we are working on, I have to see what stage in the process I have reached and then research on it. I then record the findings which are circulated within my research wing as instructed by my supervisor. It’s very important that we follow this process.

My daily schedule

Every day we are all called for a long-haul meeting with our supervisor who explains the deficiencies in our written processes and points out the screws and nuts to be tightened up at appropriate places, so that the research methodology is maintained.

And then back in the office I talk with my colleagues about the research. We also chat about cultural differences; food and our different views on life, given that all of us come from all over the world, including Mongolia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, China, Egypt as well as different parts of the United Kingdom. We tend to discuss everything from religion to politics, the economy, to name a few. We are quite a competitive bunch as we are all trying better ourselves as researchers but I think this is quite healthy!

Although we work to a flexible schedule, we tend to arrive at 9 am and leave at 5 pm, and during that time we are constantly on our computers, analysing our material samples and working on established research procedures. It’s great that we can choose when we take our lunch breaks.

How I love to spend my free time

After leaving my Lab at 5 pm, that’s where my fun starts! I usually spend time with my close friend from India, who is also a PhD student. We enjoy going to Guildford town centre and figure out what to eat, which is the high point of my day! We also walk around different part of Guildford and marvel at the well-maintained lawns of different homes we see on the way there. I also love to walk up the steps leading to the historic old chapel, where you get a stunning view of the green fields and the city from the top. I recently bought a mounting bike and cycling around the town has fast become my favourite pastime. Yesterday I cycled along a charming old canal path with a historic railway bridge overhead – just one of the many beautiful sights that Surrey has to offer!

Touring Guildford on a Cycle with Sara Atito (Research Fellow Computer Science)
Nearing Guildford Town centre on my bike
My favourite alley in Guildford
Finding micro level details by using a scanning electron microscope at the Advanced Technology Institute (Just another day on my PhD Research :-))