The Professional Training Placement Experience

Follow our current students through their Professional Training placements.

Knowing North Carolina – The Base for my Placement

North Carolina has one of the best vet schools in the country and at least 3 world ranked universities but that isn’t all that it has going for it. A lot of time on placement is spent talking about the practical and academic experience that can be gained from placement. This is the truly important […]

The Final Stretch of my Placement Year

With just over two months left at the GSMA, I believe it’s fair to say I’m on the final stage of my placement year. It’s remarkable how quickly it goes. I used to think it was just older people who would say you’ll be shocked at how fast life goes, but they’re definitely not wrong! […]

Moving on to my second placement

Moving from the hospital to a private clinic I have officially wrapped up working in the AHEPA university hospital and for the last three months of my placement relocated to a private clinic in the centre of Thessaloniki. Hippocrates -Euromedica diagnostic centre focuses on nuclear medicine and specialises in organ scintigrams, nuclear cardiology, hormonology, tumour […]

Making the most of my placement in Milan

Balancing work and life In the last few weeks I received an increase in workload after a meeting with my supervisor about the analyses I was doing. Personally I find stress something very hard to handle and don’t usually do well with balancing my work and personal life. My normal response would be to lock […]

Stand-out moments from my placement

During my placement, I had the opportunity to take part in a small animation project. This is something that meant a lot to me as I am currently thinking of doing an animation for my Digital Media Arts final project. I made a short 5 second 2D animation for Cartoon Network Rewind. This was a YouTube project […]

My trip to Vienna to present our demo

I work in AGT’s Research Department, which focuses on EU-funded research projects. Since the start of my internship, I have worked in a project called IoTCrawler. What is IoTCrawler? It is a three-year-old EU-funded project which started in February 2018 and focuses on creating a search engine for IoT devices and data, often described as […]

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