The Professional Training Placement Experience

Follow our current students through their Professional Training placements.

What I learnt on my Sports Science Placement in Sweden

This week is my final week working in Sweden at the Centre for Health and Performance, Gothenburg. The last 10 months have truly flown by! I have been exposed to so many new environments and learning opportunities both professionally and personally. My final blog is a way for me to both reflect on my personal […]

My Scientific Research Placement in North Carolina

My placement takes place in The Vet School Research Building in North Carolina State University’s Biomedical Centennial campus. It is set apart from the main campuses, about 15 minutes away by bus. The projects I work on I contribute to three linked projects. They include supermarket meat surveillance; a research farm project; a whole genome […]

Attending the Swedish Sports Medicine Congress at the Gothia Towers

Conferences and networking With just over a month of my placement left here in Sweden I feel very grateful to be this far in and still being exposed to new environments and opportunities to learn. Recently I attended the Swedish Sports Medicine Congress, held at the Gothia towers which are an iconic Gothenburg landmark. The […]

Being a tourist for a while..

Hey guys, the month of May has arrived which means it’s officially the beginning of Greek summer weather. It’s now been over a month since I’ve started working in the private clinic and it has been quite the experience so far.   A “radioactive omelette”  One of the most fascinating exams conducted within the nuclear […]

The pros and cons of working in central London – my year working in Soho

I have spent the last 10 Months travelling into Soho for my placement at Cartoon Network. This area of London is a busy hub of restaurants, bars and theatres and centre of the independent film and video industry. The shopping opportunities As I work very close to Carnaby Street and Oxford Street, I am always […]

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