The Professional Training Placement Experience

Follow our current students through their Professional Training placements.

Settling in and making the most of your placement

  Hi! I’m Georgina and I am a Digital Media Arts student. I am currently on a placement year working as a Digital Production Intern at Cartoon Network located in Central London, Soho. I have been working at Cartoon Network for 7 months already, but it does not feel like that long ago when I […]

The first 6 months of my Erasmus placement

Hey, my name is Eleni and I am a third year biomedical science student. As I’m writing this I’m surrounded by doctors and nurses hectically tending to patients and their needs. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m doing a placement in a hospital. Where you ask? In beautiful, sunny Greece. Returning to my […]

My PTY Journey: Hong Kong

    Hey guys! Welcome to “My PTY Journey: Hong Kong” series where I will be writing a monthly blog talking about my experience, the things I’ve learnt and the challenges I’ve faced. Hopefully through my experience you will get an idea of what awaits you if you are planning on going abroad, or doing […]

My Swedish placement experience

Settling in Almost 6 months into my year abroad and placement at the Centre for Health and Performance at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden I have more than fully settled into living in a new country, adapting to a different culture and acclimatising to the environment. I was lucky enough to find accommodation through […]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I am currently 3859 miles away from the University of Surrey where I study Microbiology. This blog is part of a series on how Surrey helped me become a student intern in Raleigh, North Carolina. I knew that America was where I wanted to be, secondary to that I wanted to gain lab experience that […]

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