The Professional Training Placement Experience

Follow our current students through their Professional Training placements.

Economics 101: A Placement in her majesty’s government!

To introduce myself – I’m Joao, starting next semester I will be in my final year studying BSc Economics at the University of Surrey. I recently finished my one-year industrial placement as an Economist for the British Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Here I acquired valuable competencies such as analytical, communication and […]

Applying Psychology to my Placement

Hi everyone! As an insight into my volunteer role at City Year, I would like to show how I use psychology at the primary school I work at.  Professionalism  My approach to being school staff involves a fine balance between being professional vs being friendly. At the start of the year, I was too friendly and […]

My Data Science Placement at AkzoNobel

Hi, I’m Hammad Imtiaz and I should start by mentioning I’m an electrical engineer from Pakistan. Back home, the situation was a bit rough regarding the job market, and at some point, I managed to lose what little interest I had in the electrical and electronics field. However, I still had my lifelong affinity for […]

Comparing Personal Development Reviews at City Year and at University

Hi everyone, it’s Katey again! Today’s post is about comparing the university’s Professional Development Review (PDR) meeting to the Personal Development Plan (PDP) we have at City Year (CY). As you might already know, the university has placement meetings about our PDRs three times a year with our especially allocated Placement Tutors. On the other […]

“Oh wait, I think I’ve fixed it” and other stories from the second half of my Year in Industry

Hello, if you’re an avid reader of this blog then you’ll remember my two previous posts – ‘Help I’ve broken it again’ and other stories from my Year In Industry so far (part 1) and (part 2). This is more of a reflective post – I’ve been working remotely, writing production code, following Agile practices, […]

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