The Professional Training Placement Experience

Follow our current students through their Professional Training placements.

How I developed professionally and personally on my placement year in Employability & Careers

Hi everyone! I’m Maria, an International Event Management student, and I’m currently on placement as an Employability Award Assistant in the Employability & Careers Team. There’s no doubt that undertaking a Professional Training Year is immensely valuable for every student. Here are the top 4 qualities that I developed so far, and that you’ll probably […]

A reflection on my placement year studying and working abroad in a pandemic

As a Languages student, the year abroad is usually the most important and enjoyable part of the degree – and my experience is no exception! I chose the 50:50 work-study option to experience both worlds, so I have lived and studied in Germany and worked for a company based in Spain, although due to COVID-19 […]

Let’s Talk About: The Value of Volunteering

Hey guys! My name is Laura, I’m an English Literature with Creative Writing student currently on placement as a Digital and Social Marketer for LT Harper, Cybersecurity Recruitment. Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about the value of voluntary work and why I believe everyone should try and experience it if they can!

A reflection on my placement within the COVID-19 Automotive Industry by Issy

My placement year has been my first experience not only within the automotive industry but also the corporate world. I have worked in a COVID-19 safe office as well as from home, therefore experiencing the buzz of the office culture but also the challenges of working from home. Working in Human Resources Working within BMW […]

Life as usual during a pandemic in New Zealand?

G’day readers, I’m Addy! In my last post, I explained how on earth I ended up in New Zealand (check that out if you haven’t).  But today! I will be delving into what it’s been like moving to NZ in a pandemic and my experience working abroad. Face masks, Covid tests and 14 days of […]

How I came to do a placement in New Zealand

Kia ora! (Māori for ‘hi’) I’m Addy, a mathematics student who somehow ended up on the other side of the world this year.  You may think I’m exaggerating by saying ‘somehow’, but looking back to just last August, I really had no idea I’d be out here, in New Zealand.  How the seed was planted […]

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