The Professional Training Placement Experience

Follow our current students through their Professional Training placements.

FreedomFit December 2021 Update!

In case this is the first blog post you’re reading, then I’m Sofia and I’m the founder of FreedomFit. The nutrition and fitness company that comes without the restriction and without the obsession. I aim to help better educate young adults in both nutrition and exercise through online workshops and give you the opportunity to […]

November Blog- A Week in The Life of Pastry Puffs

Hi, I’m Lewis, a student working on my own business on the Placement Enterprise Pathway in place of a traditional work placement. I have been documenting my placement since July, and you can see my progression in my previous blogs and vlogs.  My business is called Pastry Puffs, a vegan desert events catering company looking to serve people an exciting new take on puff pastry.  The focus of the last month has been consistency, […]

What has my November journey been like @kabloomz?

A quick summary of who I am and what I do. Hi everyone, I am Rajakumari Raveendran and I am building a business that tackles the issue of plastic waste, called Kabloomz. Our mission is to reduce plastic waste starting with the recent problem…. polypropylene face masks. Our solution: seed infused 100% biodegradable face masks. […]

Four months at LSEG: My experience so far as a freshly settled placement student

My name is Cristina and I’m a third-year English Literature student. In mid-July, I started my 12-month placement at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) as a Marketing Associate. In this blog post, I’d like to document the initial application process, how my placement is currently moving along, and some advice for first- and second-year students […]

The first 10 weeks of my placement

Hi, I’m Olive and I am currently on my placement at the University of Surrey’s Employability & Careers Service as a Student & Employer Engagement Assistant. It feels like time has flown by since I started, so I thought I’d share my experience so far… Settling into my role In the beginning, I found starting […]

Starting my placement as a molecular virologist at Cefas

My name is Aleksandra, I’m an ambitious biomedical sciences student who travelled thousands of miles to pursue her dream career. Sounds familiar? Then, you are on the right page. In this student blog I will openly speak about the transition from life as a full-time student to balancing work and life during my professional training […]

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