Post Examination!

I am finally done with exams! Just one more semester to go and it marks the end of my life in Surrey. 🙁 Exams in Surrey feels similar to the ones I had in Polytechnic – 4 modules, usually with 1 exam, 1 individual assignment and 1 group project. Some modules wouldn’t have exams but that meant more weightage on assignments! 🙁

On a lighter note, as promised, I’ll be sharing my winter vacation experience with you guys! My trip started off in Edinburgh and then Germany, where i visited Berlin and Frankfurt. Then towards Copenhagen, Sweden – Malmö and my final destination, Iceland!

Edinburgh was really windy and cold, but i visited the castle, which had a picturesque view of the entire old town. Authur’s seat could be spotted from the castle as well!


It is a typical sight to witness buskers along the streets. This busker is wearing the full Scottish traditional dress! Edinburgh was more of relaxation and soaking the atmosphere. I will definitely be back for more!

Next stop: Germany, Berlin and Frankfurt!

I was lucky to be able to witness snow this year! It’s my first snowfall ever since I am back. Look at how pretty the trees are, to be covered in white! Had my fill with pork knuckles as well, you will never get sick of them here!


I went on to Copenhagen, where I visited the Freetown Christiana. It is a place located within Copenhagen which has a closed population and they sell drugs openly. As we couldn’t take photos within the area, I only managed to have a picture of the entrance. IMG20151231154200

We went on for the free walking tours and managed to get some really nice view of the city.


This is taken from Nyhavn!

We took a day trip to Malmö from Copenhagen as it is only an hour by bus! We decided to try IKEA’s meatballs since its from Sweden!


It doesn’t look much of a difference, BUT, the meatballs are rounder and somehow, we thought it was more tasty!

In my final destination, Iceland, I must say, it is one of my favorite city to visit and I will be back again! Photos that I have taken doesn’t do justice to the scenery there.


This was taken during sunrise from the bus, look at how blue the sky is!


After a short hike for the glaciers, this was breathtaking! The hike was really scary though, because the snow was melting, so it felt like we were ice-skating near the cliff! One mistake and down you go. :/


Went on to the blue lagoon! It was fantastic. Imagine yourself in a 1 degrees environment soaking up the water which is about 37 degrees! Don’t forget to grab the free mud around!


Just admiring the sunset. It is so pretty that I wish I could stay there all day!

Winter vacation has been really fantastic, I am looking forward for my next destination, Austria!

Till then; xx