Wisdom Teeth Extraction !!

Hey Guys!

Eggy here, can’t believe that we’re in February already!

The Universities in the UK usually have a  “reading week”, before the start of the second semester, to allow students to supposedly read up on their new modules before classes start! But really, students see this reading week as a chance to travel and enjoy, especially cause it comes right after exams end! Sadly, as a final year student I was stuck in Guildford because I had to work on my dissertation and also cause I had a dread dental appointment… that was my wisdom teeth extraction. Ayyyy…. I actually have a small phobia when it comes to dentist.. dont ask. but it all started from since I was young… the sounds of the machinery and the idea of masked dentists drilling into our teeth in our mouths ? er. no thanks.

Anyways, thankfully the University of Surrey has several dentists nearby offering this dental surgery operation. I chose to go with the Guildford Dental Centre (http://www.guildforddentalcentre.co.uk/treatment.html) which is just located a 15 minutes walk from the campus, or a 2 minutes walk from the guildford train station! The best thing about this dentist is it offers University of Surrey Student Discounts! Which might make things slightly better… kinda.

The thing with wisdom teeth is… everyone has four of them, but not everyone has to get them out which is so unfair for those who have to, if you ask me. hahaha

For me, I had to get 2 extracted because they were really bothering me to the point that I could feel it pushing on my other teeth, causing an ache. So I called them up and booked my appointment to get the left side, top and bottom extracted.

Anyways, my friend Hasan was so sweet, he actually came with me cause I was so terrified to go for the appointment haha. Love you Hasan, he really is such a sweetheart 🙂 After basically 10 shots of anaesthethic injections, I was ready for it… I saw the scalpel going in, but the whole area in my mouth was so numb to the extent that I couldn’t even feel anything… Hasan was even more terrified just cause he could see everything happening… I did feel a little blood splatter across my face though. ngl… not a pretty sight at all.

The whole 2 extractions happened really quickly, in about an hour and a half, it was out and I was two-teeth less!

My diet for the following few days consisted of overboiled root vegetables and anything soft and liquidy!

My friends were so sweet though. Elisha, Tecky and Hasan were such sweethearts… they kept checking up on me, brought me soup, coconut water and Dorayaki pancakes (soft enough to eat) and also the cottony Japanese Cheesecake which made my whole healing process so much better !


I also had to buy an ice/heat pack and apply it to my face to get the swelling down cause it was bad… trust me. It only started showing up the day after and I had to take painkillers just to numb the pain cause it was hurting so badly.. I’m not even going to lie to you guys, I did have a small cry cause I jsut wanted it to be over. hahaha

img_8219 img_5185

So I reccommend any of you guys, who have to get your wisdom teeth extracted soon to stock up on these soft foods beforehand and also painkillers are a neccessity. like seriously.

My dentist reccommends me to return and have the last two extracted, but let’s just say… He’s not getting a call back on that unless I really really feel the need to cause I really don’t wish to go through that ordeal again!

Also, I did vlog this day. so I’d always remember my ordeal. hahaha

Anyways hope everyone is doing great 🙂

Cheers, Eggy x