From South Korea to Surrey

Hear the perspective of a current South Korean student

Always thankful people who cheers me

Since I came to the Uk, I have met many people after the covid-19 isolation period for international comers period finishes. On the first day, almost everybody is shy to talk, so I tried to break the atmosphere so that, really thankful, almost everybody would like to talk to me. Therefore, these days I had […]

The Brighton field trip and the Isle of Wight trip

Hello! I am Wookjun again. This time I would like to talk about the field trip and trip to the isle of Wight. The field trip destination was Brighton. In my class, I took the module named Visitor Attraction Management. During this class, there was a chance to go to Brighton. Therefore, I was really […]

Geography conference

From this Monday to Wednesday, 11th to 13th, our university held the Geography conference. Even though my major is tourism management, I also like Geography! After studying a lot, I will also study GIS, a geographical information system.There are many lectures, and I met high school students and teachers from London. I was also like […]

Richmond travel

Time goes and goes, and finally, April comes. The weather is becoming warmer than before. I have also become busier than before, but resting is important to enjoy leisure time. With my church member, I went to a place named Richmond. Richmond is located in southwest London, so many people see this place a lot. […]

Writing the dissertation

These days, I started to write a dissertation. My professor want me to write the literature review first so I started to do that. I wrote the thesis when I was in an undergraduate course but, writing a dissertation, especially in English, would be really harsh for me. However, I would like to try to […]


Hello! I am Wookjun Lee from South Korea who study Msc international tourism management. Today I would like to talk about surreymoves. These days, many others don’t prefer to work. However, exercising is really important. There is a saying that national power comes from an individual’s strength. That is the reason that we should do […]

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