SIM Challenge Finals

The Student SimChallenge Final has come to an end after 192 students across the UK ran virtual businesses for two intense weeks. Student SimChallenge was the Centre for Applied Learning’s  first initiative inspired by Lord Young’s “Enterprise for All” recommendations.

During Student SimChallenge Final, each team ran a virtual business everyday for one week, all the students operating within the same industry. They were in charge of deciding on their pricing strategy, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, ethics and international expansion up to two countries (Canada and Brazil).

The overall winners among ten universities are team NRG from Aston University, with a total profitof £27.663,316 and a revenue of £102,334,054. They will receive £500 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Barcelona to meet & learn from entrepreneurs. All the winners of the semi final would also receive a £100.00 cash prize.

Team Omlex from University of Surrey performed very well overall. The UoS team was made up of members from Surrey Entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to all the finalists and to the overall winners,  NRG from Aston University.