Selling and Marketing Your Product or Service: Enterprise Skills Ladder Workshop

Entrepreneur, Business Author, Business Coach and Novelist, Steve Bridger will be leading the next Enterprise Skills Ladder workshop entitled Selling and Marketing Your Product or Service on Wednessday 18 February( 5:30-7 pm, LTA).


You will gain an understanding of the dynamism and scope of marketing and sales.  It will also open your eyes to the variety of future career opportunities.

This workshop will cover the following:

    1. To understand the key elements of business success:  The Business Concept, Finance, Marketing & Sales
    2. To learn a definition of Marketing – as termed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing
    3. To become familiar with the ‘P’ points of marketing: Product, Presentation, Price, Positioning, Promotion, Packaging, Placement
  1. To know what the initials USP stand for – Unique Selling Plus.  The one special thing that differentiates your product or service
  2. To know the value of creating a company ‘Brand’ – a reflection of the culture and personality of the company
  3. To understand the dynamic relationship between the marketing & sales functions
  4. To appreciate the responsibility of sales as the prime company income generator
  5. To be aware of the variety of  sales channels – Online & Offline – ‘Bricks & Clicks’
  6. To see how advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, public Relations, direct marketing, market research, and social media combine to achieve the business aims
  7. To learn the answer:  ‘what is a niche market?’

To regiser for this event please email: