Enterprise drop in session: Wednesday 11 February 2015 5:30-7pm LTA

Nigel Biggs, our Entrepreneur-in-Residence will be available from 5:30-7pm in LTA on Wednesday 11 February to answer any questions you may have about the Santander International Social Enteprise Challenge or any other enterprise-related matters.  Interested in coming along, then please email  enterpriseevents@surrey.ac.uk

Details of the Santander International Social Enteprise Challenge can be found below:


Win £2000

Sign up for the Santander Social Enterprise Challenge

Email:  enterpriseevents@surrey.ac.uk

This challenge is for teams of teams of 5 students at any level from any or mixed faculties but they MUST all be different nationalities and from at least THREE different continents e.g. Europe, Asia, Africa, America. The idea behind the challenge is to find and collaborate with new international contacts and set up your mini global network for life.

The Challenge will involve: • Thinking up an idea for a social enterprise to help a charity (to be defined at the launch) • Describing the concept or making a demo • Explaining how it would work financially • Making a pitch for the prize (why should your team get it?) • Filming it all inside 3 minutes and putting it on YouTube

The best team will win £1000 and a further £1000 will be donated to the charity involved.

Wednesday 11 February:   5:30-7 pm, LTA:  Drop in session with Entrepreneur-in-Residence to ask any questions about the Challenge or general enterprise-related matter.

Thursday 19 February:  6-73:30 pm, LTJ:  Santander Social Enterprise Challenge launch

Wednesday 4 March:  6-7:30 pm, LTA:  Santander Social Enterprise Challenge finals

To sign up email: enterpriseevents@surrey.ac.uk