Politics Society

Find out everything you need to know about the Politics Society by reading our interview with Anna!

Please introduce yourself – what year are you in? What degree do you study? Some of your interests? Position in the committee?

Hi! My name is Anna, I’m in my final year and I study Politics and Sociology. I’m President of the Politics Society and in my free time I enjoy playing Dodgeball at University.

What does your society stand for? Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

We aim to bring together students who study Politics and those who are interested in the subject to socialise and discuss political issues.

How do you join your society? Is there a membership fee?

It’s free to join through the USSU website.

Do you hold any social events? If so, what are they?

Politics society holds bar crawls and other social events such as quiz nights. We also organise an End of Year Ball every year!

As a new student, it may be a little daunting to attend a social when they do not know anyone. What’s your best advice for first year students?

Everyone is new and everyone is a bit nervous and scared.  The first few events are always very sociable and welcoming, so be brave and give it a go!

Does the society organise any trips that are relevant to your degree?

In previous years the Society has organised trips to the UK Parliament.

Could you tell us a little about being on a committee? Highlights and challenges…

Being President is great because it has been so fun to decide the direction of the Society over the last year. I’ve been blessed with a very supportive Committee and it’s so exciting when you pull of big events, such as our Ball. We had 115 people in attendance! The challenging parts can be juggling society commitments and academic commitments, but it’s just about being organised!

What’s your fondest memory as a society member?

Definitely the ball this year! It is one of my greatest achievements as a President and I felt so proud!

Why do you think people should join your society?

It’s such a sociable and friendly society with lots of room for respectful debate. People who think Politics is boring have clearly never met our members!

Do you have any Social Media pages?

Yes, for more insights and to keep up to date with our events, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages!