Joining the Music and Drama Society

When I joined the University of Surrey, I saw it as an opportunity to try things I had never done before. At the start of the year, the University holds a Fresher Fayre, where Societies showcase their activities and events.  The great thing about Surrey, is that you’re encouraged to give anything a go, it has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, that you feel like you could do anything.

I discovered the Music and Drama society – I hadn’t done any acting or drama since lower school, so I was quite nervous to get back into this. But it was something I really wanted to try! It also appealed to me because I study a Business Management degree, where sometimes we participate in presentations. Therefore, I thought performing regularly would help me with my communication and public speaking skills.

The Music and Drama society holds improvisation classes every Tuesday, where you learn to act on the spot (sounds terrifying, I know!), these classes were so much fun! I made many new friends so quickly as you’re instantly thrown into a scene together. It also improved my confidence for the business World as I found that I was better at replying to interview questions after I started improv classes. It was totally out of my comfort zone to begin with, I must admit. But I was made to feel very welcome and I instantly fitted in.

The society also holds an annual pantomime and the 2018 production was ‘The Lion King.’ I auditioned and got the part as a Hyena, which was super fun and different! What was great about the production, was that it brought students together as a team. Everyone played their part, in terms of acting but also in terms of promotions, ticketing etc. It was great to be a part of, and something I will always remember.

With the society comes lots of socials too! Every Tuesday we would enter Hari’s Challenge, which is a pub quiz on campus. This really brought people together. We would also venture out on Bar Crawls – I always remember the Halloween ones best, they were always great fun! We also attended the annual Union ball for a night of rewards and dancing.

To conclude, joining a society is really fun and you meet so many amazing individuals along the way, with so many talents. It is always great to try something new, which is so easy to do here at the University of Surrey. There are hundreds of societies on offer and one of them will be for you!