My favourite Surrey moments

As I’m approaching the end of my second year here at Surrey, I thought it’d be a great idea to reflect and write about some of my favourite Surrey moments! This was actually quite hard as I have so many, but here are some stand out moments for me…

Meeting New Friends

One of the best things about coming to university is meeting new friends! It has to be one of my favourite moments at Surrey. What I also love is that we can all get together and have a great time. Another bonus is that we’re an international university so you get to meet people from all over the world! I have friends from multiple countries and we share so many amazing moments together!

Becoming a Student Ambassador

I really do think that becoming a Student Ambassador has changed my whole university experience, therefore, it had to be one of my favourite moments at Surrey. Every single event or job that I do as a Student Ambassador is great, not only the experience and skills that I learn but also the fantastic people that I work with!


The university really do go out of their way to put on some great events! One of my favourites is the cinema night that is held at the lake! The university put up a huge cinema screen and everyone can sit on the grass overlooking the lake and watch films. We even get to vote on what films are shown! They also have stalls there selling food and drink or if you wanted, you could bring your own!

The Thursday Fruit and Veg market is one of the highlights of my week! Not only is there cheap and fresh fruit and vegetables, but also fresh cakes and bread. They also have loads of food stalls outside where you can grab some lunch and try so many different cuisines. Some of my favourites that I have tried are the Paella, the Kebabs and the Duck Wraps!

When we first moved into our flat, our Student Life Mentor told us that there would be a Flat Quiz. We all met at Starbucks and battled against other flats to win a prize! This was such good fun as we got to know people in other flats as well as bond really well with people in our flat. It’s definitely one of my favourite Surrey moments and as a bonus, we actually won!

The final event that has really stuck with me is the Colour Run. I actually didn’t take part in the Run side of it (I’m definitely too unfit for that) but instead I supplied the Colour! Me and my friend volunteered to throw powder paint at the runners. It was one of my favourite days, especially seeing all the runners trying to dodge us! This has to be one of my most memorable Surrey moments.

Bonfire Night

On Bonfire Night, Guildford Borough Council organised a fantastic event not only for the community but for university students too! We walked to the town centre with some other students and members of the students union. When we got to the high street we bought some fire torches ready for the walk. We then paraded to a local park with the whole community, fire torches in hand! When we got there, there were food stalls and of course a fantastic firework display! It was such a great experience to be part of the community and therefore has to be one of my favourite Surrey moments!

Seeing the Rewards after Working Hard

After finishing my first year at Surrey, it was fantastic to see the rewards and results of my hard work! Having achieved a fantastic grade, we took a celebratory photo at the Stag and acknowledged our achievements! This is probably one of my fondest memories of first year so of course had to be in my top favourite Surrey moments.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my favourite Surrey moments and that you too have some fantastic memories that will stay with you for life!